1. Conduct required research and;
  2. Summarize findings.
  3. Note: Can be done either online (including social media polling), through interviews, or print-based.

Custom Blog Pieces

  1. Research;
  2. Content curation; and/or;
  3. Editing of pieces.

Simple Websites

  1. A basic website that can be used to get your product or service attention;
  2. Comes fully optimized for desktop, tablets and smartphones, and;
  3. Uses the WordPress platform that I can either maintain for you in an ongoing arrangement or teach you how to maintain for yourself.

General Administrative Writing Services

  1. Typing out handwritten notes (would need to be scanned and emailed to me);
  2. Letter and memo composition, and;
  3. Grammar review of current documents (including resume and cover letter reviews).

Ghostwriting (call to discuss fees)

  1. Short stories;
  2. Chapter books & novels;
  3. Fiction and non-fiction.

Unless specially noted, my fee is $20.00/hour. On a case-by-case basis, this rate can be adjusted.

Please note that all work and communications will take place via email and/or telephone.