Social Media Management

  1. Creating and scheduling posts, photos or events;
  2. Tailoring advertisements to key target markets, and;
  3. Managing traffic (likes, comments, reviews).

Custom Blog Pieces

  1. Research;
  2. Content curation; and/or;
  3. Editing of pieces.


  1. Conduct required research and;
  2. Summarize findings.
  3. Note: Can be done either online (including social media polling), through interviews, or print-based.

General Administrative Writing Services

  1. Typing out handwritten notes (would need to be scanned and emailed to me);
  2. Letter and memo composition, and;
  3. Grammar review of current documents (including resume and cover letter reviews).

Ghostwriting (call to discuss fees)

  1. Short stories;
  2. Chapter books & novels;
  3. Fiction and non-fiction.

Unless specially noted, my fee is $20.00/hour. On a case-by-case basis, this rate can be adjusted.

Please note that all work and communications will take place via email and/or telephone.